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Jail Ministry

Greetings from Dubai YMCA

YMCA Dubai is celebrating its Annual Members’ Day and General Body Meeting on Saturday 6th October 2012.

This is an auspicious day for YMCA Dubai as we gather to give thanks to God for the many joys and blessings that we enjoyed during the past year and also to foster the spirit of fellowship and fraternity among our members and well-wishers.

In the course of the proceedings of the evening we will also formally welcome the new members of the Clergy Community who have come to Dubai to serve the different parishes.

Along with the resident clergy of our parishes we will also welcome Rev. Dr. Daniel Mammen – Vicar, Mar Thoma Syrian Church, Dubai and Rev. Fr. Varghese, Vicar, Mor Ignatius Jacobite Church, Dubai and Rev. Fr. Mathew Varghese, Vicar Orthodox Church, Jebel Ali into the Dubai Community.

We will have the esteemed presence of Mr. John Varghese, General Secretary, National Council of YMCAs, India, as the Chief Guest for the Evening.

YMCA Choir members will lead us with familiar Hymns at the gathering.

This will be a refreshing opportunity to take a break from your business and responsibilities, relax your mind, fellowship with fellow members and enjoy dinner together.

We hope and pray that you will join us with your family and make this gathering a blessing for all. 

The families and children of Life Prisoners are one of the most ostracized, victimized, stigmatized and marginalized people in the community. The social stigma exists everywhere they go, and in every part of the world, the intensity varying from place to place. Involvemen with the families and children have to be most comprehensive seeing them end to end till ey smoothly sail in life, and develop an identity of their own, with livelihood mechanisms of their own.

Many interventions with the families and children of prisoners start with enthusiasm but on many an occasion stop with one-time involvement largely of charity. There are some philanthropists who sponsor the education of these children, but even these happen in isolation and in cases where there is some connection between the philanthropist and the prisoner’s family.

Freedom-For-Life is a program which ties all the pieces and sees the children right from their basic education, connecting them to higher education or vocational training, connecting them to self-employment schemes, housing and insurance schemes etc.

The Freedom-For-Life program will be an initiative of the YMCA Dubai with Prism Ministryand the Charitable Society of the CSI South Kerala Diocese Trivandrum. The programme is being coordinated by the Jail and Police authorities in Kerala Government.

Project Detail

Provide educational assistance to prisoner’s children to enable them to be successful in life Educational Assistance to 100 selected children of Life Prisoners

The study among all the jail inmates started in January 2010 and found 400 families who need immediate assistance. Out of the 674children; YMCA Dubai is targeting 100 children this year. The list is being given by the Jail Authorities, Government of Kerala.

Each child will get Rs. 2500/- as a grant for the educational needs such as fees, uniforms and clothing

Administration & Evaluation

An ecumenical committee is formed in Trivandrum under the leadership of Rev. Vinod Victor and the Prism Ministry will be responsible for the administration of the program including providing the staff needed. The CSI South Kerala Diocese, Trivandrum will take the lead in the implementation of the project

The Road Map

The Government of Kerala has been gracious in allowing the team to visit all the prisons in Kerala; collected relevant data from the Prisoners. We have now the certified list of the children and their families. Those who wish to continue contacting these children directly, the same can be done.

The Journey ahead

The project already launched on 13th June by Mr. Shashi Tharoor , MP and the Mr.Karthikeyan, Speaker Kerala Legislative Assembly in the presence of the Police and Jail Authorities, leaders of different churches and YMCA leaders in Trivandrum. The children and their families was invited to Trivandrum for an one day seminar and various leading doctors and media heads will take classes to improve the life style.

YMCA Dubai has taken this bold decision to extend our support to these children in this year. This venture cannot be completed without your valuable support and prayer. AED 250/-per child is the target. Those interested can sponsor more children. These families hail from different religions and background. As YMCA we are extending the love and concern. Wewould like to invite all members of YMCA and the friends to come forward to support this noble venture.

May God Bless you